Great Deal Became a Grave Endiing for 2 Brothers.

The two brothers left their peaceful home in St. Mary to face death in May pen, Clarendon. Al and  Paul had struck a verbal deal via cell phone to buy a car that was published in the newspaper. The two brothers traveled to MAY Pen to make the dream deal come alive. upon arrival in stead of exchanging the money for the car they had to surrender the money and other valuable  assets for their lives.

In the gleaner , the brothers explained hat they saw the car being advertised and when they went to buy the car they got, ‘beat up and robbed’ by gunmen. Paul’s bleeding mouth could serve as evidence to back his story.

the gunmen were not the only culprits in this incident as there was a woman who is believed to be the mastermind behind it all. the brothers reported that the number that was published in the advertisement was for a woman who claimed to be a nurse and that she was the one who led them to he spot where they got robbed. they reported that the initial arrangement was for them to meet at a police station but then he went on to say, “When we reach the police station in May Pen and called the lady, she said she waiting on her niece, so we should come to the Tiger Mart to meet her. But when we got to the Tiger Mart and called her back, she said to us, ‘just come down in a de lane and you will see me,” and it was after that instruction , it all went down. it was in that lane that where the mask-men came out and took all the brothers had and almost lost their lives.

The brothers lost a total of US$2,997 along with JA$50,000 and their phones and they 0 reported that the gunmen deemed them lucky as they should’ve been killed. They were taken to the hospital to be treated and the police are now investigating the case.


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