Wonder Woman

“My mother is like the great Wonder Woman”, responded Leon Brown, when asked, “Who would you compare your mother to?” This great fictional heroine whose mission was to bring love, peace and sexual equality in a world that was dominated by men, is Leon’s summation of his mother, Mrs. Maxcine Tugwell Brown.

Like Wonder Woman, Mrs Maxcine Tugwell Brown is a heroine. Not only is she heroic but she is as beautiful, wise and strong, as Wonder woman is described to be; as wise as Athena (goddess of wisdom), strong as Hercules (son of Zeus), and as beautiful as Aphrodite (goddess of love). Although Mrs. Tugwell Brown may not possess super hero like strength, with a mission to protect the universe, at thirty five, being a teacher by profession, a widow, and a single mother, she is a hero in her own rights. Her ability to protect and serve not only her family but also others in the small district of John’s Hall, where she grew up, makes her a hero.

Her wisdom and mental strength is attributed to the fact that she is a strong believer in Christ. This is reflected in her philosophy that is the popular Biblical text, Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Poverty was not enough to demotivate her, neither was death; love and determination overpowered the negativity and thus the taste of success was as sweet as it has promised to be for her. Growing up with five siblings and most of the times, one poor parent, was not very encouraging for Maxcine to strive for success but surprisingly it was what gave her the drive to want to be something better in the future. It was also the passion of becoming a teacher that kept her motivated and focused. As Benjamin Franklin had said, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

The family and friends of Mrs. Tugwell Brown knew she had potential and as such helped and supported her, both financially, when they could, and emotionally. Her future as a teacher was predetermined by the ones around her, while to her it was a complete surprise. Corretta Brown, sister of Mrs. Tugwell Brown, painted a vivid picture of the type of person she was as a child. “She would always want to play school with us and she always wanted to be the teacher but sometimes we refuse to play with her and when we do she would go outside and play with the grass” reminisced Corretta, then bursting into laughter she said, “Oh my! Maxcine wudda kill d poor bush dem wid lick.”

Maxcine is described as an altruistic person. Her students and her children are her main priority. She always does everything in her power to make sure her students and children were comfortable. Outside of that, she is a people person and is very down to earth. A teaching diploma and a Bachelor’s degree was not enough for her to put herself on a pedestal and belittle those who are below her educational status. As a mother, she cared for her children and taught them good morals and values. Also, she treats everyone who walks her path with love and compassion. However, though she may be compassionate, as a teacher and mother, she is stern, and has strict principles that she sanctions her children and students to follow. For this reason, she is looked up on as an exemplary figure and also plays the role of mentor not only to students but also to various members of the community.

Parenting and teaching are co-dependent jobs and Maxcine is master at both. Her presence demands so much respect and initiates complete silence both at home and at school. One past student reflects on when Mrs. Tugwell Brown was his teacher, “Bwoi mi memba wen wi deh in a class n Miss nuh deh dere a pure noise wi mek, but yu si as soon as wi hear Miss shoes a come towards the class, if a pin drop ina d class yu can hear it, she nuh afi open r mouth n se a word.” As a parent the situation was similar as it was outlined by her son that anything that is unacceptable to her, he knows it and if he is in the act of doing any such thing, whenever she is approaching, all that had to cease. She emphasizes good principles and proper upbringing as she strives to produce better men and women for the future.

Maxcine’s outstanding qualities at the work place and in her community make her an outstanding role model. Having gone through so much in her life, she surprisingly functions as a pillar of hope for many, as she gives optimism to those who think they cannot make it. Christians like herself would describe her achievements as a testimony. She has risen above expectations and she tore down barriers. She serves as a constant reminder that God will make a way somehow.

Opportunities are sometimes once in a lifetime and Maxcine has no regrets where that is concerned because she made use of every opportunity that came her way. As a parent she did not chose the vicarious path but she made her dreams come through on her own with the little resources she had. Her life as a parent is reflected through her teaching as she treats both like a fragile job and handles both with care.

“God is the only ruler of my destiny and whether there is money or not, support or not, if it is God’s will then nothing can stop me,” says Maxcine. Her exercise of faith alone is enough to make her a hero and it will sure be an inspiration to many lives. She is a “Wonder Woman”, as her life testifies that no one is deprived of their dream because of where they are from, their financial status or the struggles they face; with faith and determination all things are possible through Christ who gives you strength.







Three Transformations, One Transformer

Three Transformations, One Transformer

The marvelous work of God.

The changes one experience in life often comes unexpectedly; all it takes sometimes is one word or even an invisible touch. However, not all these changes are so much unexpected because some are very much premeditated. The similarity between these two different cases lies within the ultimate results of the change, i.e. whether it withers away or it lives on. The northern Caribbean University, a Seventh Day Adventist Christian institution is one place where people of all walks of life may be subject to some form of drastic change.

Ronell Kelly a student at the Northern Caribbean University is what they would call a testimony to a drastic change during his tenure. It all went down in 2009 and it only took one day for him to make this one decision that would change his entire life and the event was called “week of prayer.” After hearing the pastor outline the requirements of heaven and listing baptism as a vital one in addition to in depth Bible studying with missionaries in the field, Mr. Kelly was left to ponder by himself and make that decision. He decided on that Sabbath night to give his life to God and this was not instigated by the Holy Spirit he says, but only from the facts of the Bible. With this being said, he got baptized on that Sabbath afternoon and there he declared that his life was solely the possession of God. This decision to transition from being of the world to being a Christian now, had such a major impact on Mr. Kelly as he said that it affected not only his spiritual life but also his academic and his social life. He outlined that after being baptized on that day, his grades improved significantly and not only that but he was also now a calmer individual and had friends who loved and respected him anyways.

God is the creator of all things and so Christians promote baptism to s great extreme. As a child almost every parent in Jamaica sent their child/children to church while they grew up whether on a Sunday or a Saturday. However, many times, it is left up to that child to decide whether or not he or she gets baptized. Some of these children get old and still don’t get baptized, some do when they are still considered a child while others wait on adulthood before they embark on that journey.

Devern Sutherland was no exception to this rule as he was sent to church weekly on Saturdays by his parents even if they were not going.  Devern now attends Northern Caribbean University and still attends church, however, the difference now is, Devern is now baptized. In 2010 during Northern Caribbean University’s annual week of prayer, Devern decided to become a Christian. However, he did not premeditate that moment like, Mr. Kelly did, he claimed that he was touched and spoken to by the Holy Spirit. Today, Devern maintains a strong relationship with God and consults Him before making any decisions and he also stated that his academic performance continued to show significant improvement and that he says is a result of him being a Christian.

The tables turn sometimes and baptism has different effect on different individuals. Theo Gordon says he was touched by the Holy Spirit during week of prayer in 2009 and he said it was only for the moment. His life changed but that change was temporary, it took no time for him to go back to his old ways. His relationship with God was stagnant and his academic life did not change much.

Change is inevitable, but one can decide how that change affects his or her life at times. There are some things in life that no matter how it comes about, it is going to be a major change in life. One of those transformers that allows for a momentous change in one’s life is baptism.  One is now left to wonder, “Does baptism make the individual or does it break them?”







Pictures are a thousand words :)

out of MANY, we are ONE!!

Having frens you can be goofy with :p

sharing the best memories with that one significant friend ❤

Bonding in politics with the best brother in the world

Being a stranger in a foreign land but feeling as if you’re at home
Bonding like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan 🙂

There are so many things a picture could say without the subject being there to tell the story. Having and meeting great friends to share special moments with is a blessing and one way of reminding yourself of that blessing is simply by taking a picture. There are some moments that are just once in a life time so keep those moments close to your heart, take the camera, or even ask a stranger, snap a pick and keep the memory fresh. until next time, gwan tek apic!!

Great Deal Became a Grave Endiing for 2 Brothers.

The two brothers left their peaceful home in St. Mary to face death in May pen, Clarendon. Al and  Paul had struck a verbal deal via cell phone to buy a car that was published in the newspaper. The two brothers traveled to MAY Pen to make the dream deal come alive. upon arrival in stead of exchanging the money for the car they had to surrender the money and other valuable  assets for their lives.

In the gleaner , the brothers explained hat they saw the car being advertised and when they went to buy the car they got, ‘beat up and robbed’ by gunmen. Paul’s bleeding mouth could serve as evidence to back his story.

the gunmen were not the only culprits in this incident as there was a woman who is believed to be the mastermind behind it all. the brothers reported that the number that was published in the advertisement was for a woman who claimed to be a nurse and that she was the one who led them to he spot where they got robbed. they reported that the initial arrangement was for them to meet at a police station but then he went on to say, “When we reach the police station in May Pen and called the lady, she said she waiting on her niece, so we should come to the Tiger Mart to meet her. But when we got to the Tiger Mart and called her back, she said to us, ‘just come down in a de lane and you will see me,” and it was after that instruction , it all went down. it was in that lane that where the mask-men came out and took all the brothers had and almost lost their lives.

The brothers lost a total of US$2,997 along with JA$50,000 and their phones and they 0 reported that the gunmen deemed them lucky as they should’ve been killed. They were taken to the hospital to be treated and the police are now investigating the case.